Building Beautiful Angular Apps with PrimeNG

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Building Beautiful Angular Apps with PrimeNG – Learn how to create beautiful Angolan apps with GNU Prima

Angular is a very popular and productive JavaScript framework, but does not always provide consistent components. This course teaches you how to use the PrimeNG component library to build full-featured, beautiful Angular applications in record time.

Angular is a super productive and wildly popular JavaScript framework for stitching together great web applications. Unfortunately, it does not provide any consistent set of ready-to-use, great-looking UI components out-of-the-box. PrimeNG is that missing library. In this course, Building Beautiful Angular Apps with PrimeNG, you will create a fun business line application, Agile Times, while covering a huge array of useful controls. First, you will explore specialty controls, including realtime charts, searchable datagrids, interactive Google maps, popup dialogs, and tree-style controls. Next, you’ll dive into advanced topics, such as drag and drop controls, and unit testing. Finally, you’ll find how to use the PrimeNG source when the documentation lets you down. By the end of this course, you ‘

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Manufacturer: Pluralsight / Pluralsight
Teaching language: English
Teacher: Glen Smith
Level of training :, Secondary
Training time: 3 hours + 8 minutes
File size: 564 MB

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