Building Vue and Node Apps with Authentication


Building Vue and Node Apps with Authentication   Free Tutorial Download

You’re already familiar with the up-and-coming Vue.js framework, and Node.js has become a standard in back-end production. In this course, Alexander Zanfir shows how to leverage these technologies together to build a full-stack app in JavaScript. Alexander demonstrates how to build an interface in Vue.js that can send information to a Node.js server and adjust to its responses, as well as make sure that only authorized users can visit. He steps through how to develop a new feature in nearly every video, emphasizing practical demonstrations in code over theoretical discussions of key concepts. Discover how to get your data from Node.js, navigate with Router, register users, create a login component, and more.

Topics include:
  • Setting up the infrastructure
  • Displaying data in components
  • Saving data to Node.js
  • Communicating between multiple components
  • Registering users
  • Creating a login component


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