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Arindam Mukherjee

I am an international corporate consultant and well known international corporate trainer. I have worked as Subject Matter Expert, Technical Lead, Senior Solution Integrator. I have development experience for several well known international companies like AT&T, TMobile, Verizon, Orange etc where I have played a major role to automate process. I have also huge knowledge of network virtualization and cloud integration.   I have taught almost 10000 non-Udemy students in several countries like India, USA, UK, Dubai, Singapore, Germany, Serbia, China, Australia, South Africa, Zambia etc, where some training courses are delivered as classroom some are online. I also have experience in delivering several training courses on behalf of Oracle University (one of the leading online training provider across the globe).

I am Oracle Certified Java Developer, IBM RAD and IBM RFT certified professional.

I have knowledge of 20 plus tools and technologies like Java, J2EE, Hibernate, Spring, Spring Boot, Micro Service, Struts, Camunda BPMN, Weblogic, Angular, Android, Big Data Hadoop, Oracle ADF, RAD, RFT, Docker, GoLang etc.

I am a technology-agnostic and love to learn new things and share them to others, my mom is a “National Award” winning’ teacher. I got the inspiration of teaching from her.

Apart from being a tech-savvy, I am also a writer, motivational speaker, cricketer. I used to do plantation, social work for the empowerment of people. I have a dream to open an asylum one day for the mentally ill people.

When it comes to social media, I am not very frequent but I use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc but again time is a constraint.

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I love to share my knowledge and resources through pdf, ppt, video etc.

I change my approach based on the type of the course and experience level.

I focus on practical implementation, so my teaching methodology always includes hands on.

I follow step by step implementation with real world problems.

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