CAN Protocol Overview



What you’ll learn

  • Students who are already working in Automotive domain, or interested in knowing the modern vehicle communication protocols.


  • It would be better if students are already having basic knowledge of automotive, if not no issue, interest in learning is all that matters

Course is designed for students interested in Automotive Domain. This course is designed in a way to help the students to learn CAN from scratch. Each and every  basic details of CAN protocol. The course covers basic details of CAN protocol and has been designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by students in learning CAN.

Now the question is Why CAN?

Since CAN was introduced as a centralized solution that requires two wires, i.e., CAN high and CAN low, hence the solution of using CAN protocol is quite efficient due to its message prioritization, and flexible as a node can be inserted or removed without affecting the network. The CAN is a message-based protocol, which means that message carries the message identifier, and based on the identifier, priority is decided. There is no need for node identification in the CAN network, so it becomes very easy to insert or delete it from the network. Also, CAN can be considered as the most common and widely used protocol in Automotive domain.

The course covers:

•CAN Definition

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•CAN Features & Application Areas

•CAN Frame Architecture

•CAN Frame Types

•CAN Error Detection and Fault Confinement

•CAN Tools and Connectors


By taking up this course seriously, the student would be ready to start working on a CAN project.

Who this course is for:

  • Automotive professionals

Project Lead in Automotive domain in an MNCs

I am working as a Project Lead in Automotive domain in a leading MNC. I have 10 years of overall work experience and 7+ years of experience in automotive domain. I have worked on multiple projects on Automotive protocols. Apart from project specific work, I also enjoy mentoring freshers on Automotive protocols.

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