Painting Basics – Color

Painting Basics - Color 1

 Painting Basics – Color  Free Tutorial Download This is second part of “Painting basics” series tutorial. Color. Videos are combination of real time and speed up with notes and text commentary. Here I will share you how I study light and color and my past experiences that helped me to improve at this subject. Contents: … Read more

Subtance Painter Pushing Your Texturing Futher

Subtance Painter Pushing Your Texturing Futher 3

Subtance Painter Pushing Your Texturing Futher Free Tutorial Download Course Description This course with Jay Cummings provides a look into the process of texturing using Substance Painter, taking advantage of its tools and features to create a photo-realistic, game-ready 3D asset. Jay explores the use of resources and accurate references, building up layers of detail based … Read more

Brush Efficiency – Photoshop

  Brush Efficiency – Photoshop Free Tutorial Download This 1hr 43 min video is full of tips and tricks I’ve picked up throughout my career. I will teach you how to paint quickly, yet loosely and efficiently. I will also explain the process of how I complete a painting from start to finish and address some … Read more