The Complete Intermediate Android Masterclass

The Complete Intermediate Android Masterclass 1

About this video Android app development will open many doors for you since Android is the most popular operating system in the world. Many courses focus on the basics of Android development, which is great for the beginner; however, at some point in your journey, you’ll find yourself needing more intermediate to advanced Android topics. … Read more

Become a Kano Analysis Specialist

About this video With increasing competition and constantly changing customer requirements, it has become exceedingly important to learn the art and science of prioritizing the most important needs and requirements of your customers. Kano Analysis is a unique tool that has a structured approach to understand these customer requirements, translate those needs/requirements into specific categories, … Read more

Meditation For Beginners

So you’ve decided to start looking after the health of your mind by meditating. But where to begin? How to get started? What are the basics? How will it feel? What to expect? All perfectly normal questions, and, lucky for you, we’re here with the answers you need to get started.

Intermediate Combine

Intermediate Combine 3

Combine has a number of operators to help with handling network data, sharing resources with multiple subscribers, and managing errors. Once those are in place, you can perform unit tests on your Combine pipelines to make sure everything is running error-free.

Installing and Managing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect

Using Marketing Cloud Connect enables marketers to combine the marketing automation tools available in Salesforce Marketing Cloud with the customer relationship and campaign management capabilities of Salesforce. In this course, Installing and Managing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect, you will learn how to use Marketing Cloud Connect to integrate Marketing Cloud with Salesforce CRM. First, you’ll […]

The Linux Boot Process and System Logging

The Linux Boot Process and System Logging 5

Description In this course, you’ll learn about the essentials of the Linux boot process including BIOS, the boot loader, the Linux kernel, and runlevels. Then you’ll watch a demonstration that walks you through the Linux boot process. Then we’ll look at system logging, covering the syslog standard, facilities, and severities, syslog servers, logging rules, how … Read more

Designing the Visual Identity of a Brand

Designing the Visual Identity of a Brand 6

Create a minimalist and direct brand identity from initial concept to each individual graphic element Want to capture the personality, values, and essence of a brand in your designs and show it to the world? Gabriel Sencillo, graphic designer and expert in brand creation and management, teaches you how to create an emotion-based experience for … Read more