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About This Class
Hi! Welcome to my course on Korean for Absolute Beginners.

This course is aimed for those who have decided to start learning Korean for the first time. In order to help you develop the all important skills, we’re going to help you develop important skills and knowledge in the following areas.

Learn Hangul – By learning Hangul, the Korean alphabet system, you can start reading Korean, which will ultimately help you to develop your skills at a much quicker pace.
Understand the sentence structure of Korean – Find out the key differences between Korean and English.
Learn about honorific language – Learn the different types of honorific language and its importance when using Korean.
Start forming basic sentences – Learn the use of be-verb and start forming Korean sentences.
This is an interactive course, so you’re not going to just sit there and listen to lectures. You will be instructed to listen and repeat, or even try to speak by yourself, so make sure you’re in a quiet place so you can practice speaking.

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