Color Harmony and Retouching in Photoshop Free Download
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Color Harmony and Retouching in Photoshop, FreeTuts Download

Color Harmony and Retouching in Photoshop, FreeTuts Download

Color Harmony and Retouching in Photoshop – Paint Color Harmony Tutorial in Photoshop

Learn Color Harmony and How to apply it to your work in Photoshop with Portrait Editing!
Why I decided to record this course? You can master retouching and have great knowledge of skin retouching. Though, at the end of the day the colors are something that makes your images unique.

What is Color Harmony?
Color harmony is a theory of combining colors in design, fashion and photography that – in simple words – are working well together for the eye. Color Harmony stays behind almost all of the color designs in the industry, such as comic books, posters, photography, web design and many others.

What you will learn in this course?
I’m going to start very simple, so even you are starting your adventure with the colors, you will have a basic understanding of Theory. I believe I am easy going person, so the friendly approach of the course will make it even easier for You!
We will have an introduction to the color wheel. And after you get enough theoretical knowledge we will start our practical work with different color harmonies. Through this course, you will learn how to define different color harmonic over several different sections. From the very beginning we will begin to develop different ways of approaching the color, and different techniques of color grading.

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– Introduction to The Course
– Complementary Colors
– Triadic Color Harmony
– Analogic Color Harmony
– What Else

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Manufacturer: Yudomi / Udemy 
Language of instruction: English 
Teacher: Marcin Mikus 
Level of training: Elementary, Secondary, Advanced 
Training time: 2 hours + 
File size: 559 MB 

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