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  I was hired by my Township in 2006 to become a substitute teacher. This came as no surprise to me because I studied and received a certification for doing so. Before this even took place, I was always a natural educator and healer. So through my college years I tutored many of my friends. It was really great working with each and every student. But becoming a sub really surprised me when the Township took everything that I did into consideration. After all of my previous jobs…I was finally, “wrapped up into a bow and given to my students.” What I mean is that the schools took every little thing I studied and did into account. I never ever thought that I would amount to anything but something small. Unfortunately, I’ve always dreamt  BIG.

Last January 2020, my husband died in my arms, so I had a nervous breakdown and ended up in the hospital. As you know the world was then struck by the Pandemic of COVID-19. I moved in with my father when I returned home. My husband, my mother, my grandparents had all just passed. I have returned to a barren wasteland. I couldn’t even hug my dad for fear of the virus. As some time passed, my dad saw some talents in me.  He thought that I was good with dogs and science. So, he gave me a second chance and enrolled me into veterinary assistant school at the local university. I did very well and passed with flying colors. Unfortunately because of the virus, I’ve had some hold-ups recently in my life. I feel like I keep banging my head into a brick wall. That’s okay though…one day I borrowed my mother’s computer and my grandmother’s dinosaur cell phone, and started making a life for me and my family again!

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So…I am now exploring the world, and I want to share knowledge with everyone. It could be Affiliate Marketing, Medicine, Foreign Languages, etc. It can now be anything because Udemy is a great platform for teaching just about anything.

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