Complete Beginner Yoga Course Free Download
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Complete Beginner Yoga Course, FreeTuts Download

 Complete Beginner Yoga Course   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Yoga
  • Simple and Basic Asanas
  • Breathing, Sitting and Standing Postures
  • Yoga Stretches
  • Improve Flexibility


  • None

As the course is for beginners, the course is designed to be simple to follow.

The areas forced on is basic flexibility around hip, hamstrings, thoracic, back body and shoulders.

Episode 1. Seated stretching:- this episode is for the overall body. Mainly focused on shoulders and abdominal area. This can be practised by old people and pregnant women (with certain modifications and keeping the body limitations).

Episode 2. Core strength:- this episode is particularly helpful for improving the strength around the abdomen area. This is for people who have obesity issues and low metabolism, irritable bowl syndrome weak back or hips.

Episode 3. Suryanamaskara:- This episode is on Shivanandha and Ashtanga suryanamaskara A and B. If one is extremely busy and doesn’t have time for full pract


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