Complete Guide to Rotations and Transformations


I am GN&C (Guidance, Navigation and Control) aerospace engineer who has worked in academia, defense and commercial industries. This has allowed me to work in a wide range of cool areas and projects from lecturing university students to designing and implementing control and navigation systems for missiles all the way to self-driving tractors.

I have almost 15 years of experience in teaching, software development, engineering and research. I’ve taught undergraduate students all the way to PhD candidates, my research has lead to numerous scientific journal publications and patent inventions, my code runs on thousands of automated vehicles.

I don’t like how a lot of the available courses right now have very little advanced topics or content, they skip over the fundamentals and fail to teach the basic principles required for advanced learning, instead they teach cookie-cutter information which only works in one very specific situation or leave the heavily lifting to 3rd party libraries leaving the student confused if something doesn’t quite work… I will change that with my courses!

If you want to learn the knowledge and skills required to become a subject matter expert, so you can noticeably increase your value and capabilities as an employee, freelancer or business owner then hopefully I will see you soon in one of my courses (or more)!

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