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Learn Tamil!

Learning words alone will not make you a good speaker, you also need to know how to structure words to communicate what you need. This course provides you a systematic approach to learn our beautiful language Tamil தமிழ்.

Tamil is one of the oldest languages in the world. It is a principle language in Dravidian language family. Tamil is a classical language with an unbroken literary tradition. Today, there are more than 64 millions of people speaking Tamil across the world.

The very first step is to learn the sounds and how to mix the sounds. Sounds in Tamil are connected to the nature, you can get the divine feeling by listening to Tamil words. Tamil songs are one of the best ways to feel the language. In this course you will get various materials to listen the sounds in Tamil.

Syllabus of this course

Tamil Alphabet & Pronunciation
– Vowels
– Consonants
– Syllabics
– Conventional characters
– Phonetic pronunciation of Tamil
Rules of Euphony
– The sounds of Tamil Alphabet
– Vowels with vowels
– Vowels with consonants
– Consonants with vowels
– Consonants with consonants
This course is not another Tamil language course. It is a master class to learn the basics of Tamil.

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