Complete Trees Drawing Course



What you’ll learn

  • Tree Drawing Fundamentals

  • Exercise different sketching techniques

  • Make better drawings with realistic trees

  • Practicing with different tree species

  • Practicing drawing with different shapes, forms and textures


  • You should be comfortable using a pencil or a mechanical pencil, and eraser.

How to Draw Trees is perfect for you if you want to learn drawing different trees species. You will see the structural composition of trees, the approaches and concepts that will help your trees drawing look natural and more realistic. I will be talking about the most important things to know when you want to draw trees, some simple rules that can help you make it easier, with a lot of step by step illustrations and videos of the drawing process. You will also be able to download the tutorials and try all by yourself! Drawing trees is really relaxing and satisfying, I am hoping for you to feel it!

This is a great course for beginners, intermediate, or even advanced students who can find something to help their drawing improve.

There isn’t a perfect way to draw a tree, there are millions of ways to draw them. There aren’t any straight lines in nature so feel free to draw the way you feel more comfortable with!

However, I want to show you in this video the characteristics of a tree that you need to observe carefully that can help you draw them easily. Because if you have a general idea of the structural composition of a tree you will be able to draw any tree you want!

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Learning how to draw trees is also a great way to learn how to implement lights and shadows into your drawings. You wont need any ruler, only you, a pencil and a paper.

I also have a website where you can find art and architecture contents with free tutorials and downloadable files. And of course I have there a full post about trees drawing.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to draw
  • Anyone who wants to enjoy learning a new skill
  • Anyone who likes nature

Hi! I am Nur and I am an architect and illustrator. I have been drawing since I can’t remember. As I am passionate about it, I never got tired of learning. I am still practicing every day and I would like to share with you all what I know.

I have a website about art and architecture where you can find a lot of free ressources, tutorials, videos of drawings, illustrations and a lot of other things. Check it out!

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