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What you’ll learn

  • Learn to Automate any website Using Ubot Studio. I will Teach you Super Fast Methods So you can Start Building your bot From Day One. will Give Source code also

  • I Promise you Will Start Creating Your Bot Right from Day one. I will Be There with my Student to Provide Support Through skype Group. That will be for Students

  • But I need Very Serious Students Because I will do hard work in Teaching You only, What is Most Important . So Do Practice everyday and soon you will be Pro.

  • All Students Can join My SkypeGroup Created for My Students Who will Learn Ubot Studio. I will answer your problems There. So You are Getting a Mentor free

  • I will Provide Source File of Each Class so you can walk with me as progress through Our Classes. You Practice at your PC and if you Stuck Somewhere Ask me.

  • I have Promise myself Whoever Join My Ubot Studio Course. I will Work With them and Will make you Pro in Creating Ubot bots.

  • My Accent May or may not suit You So please Watch Free Preview Class First. I hope to see you in my Classes.

  • Note:- With Ubot Studio Course EXbrowser Plugin Course is also Included


  • Ubot Studio Complete Course For Beginners

  • You Should Have Ubot Studio Community, Pro or Developer Version

  • If you Don’t have I will Guide you How to Get it Once you Join The course.

Whether you want to to learn ubot Studio to create software bot for yourself or you want to learn it to make a living by Creating Software for your clients. This course is going to help you learn u-bot Studio and creating web automation bots very quickly. Because in this course I will teach you how you you can create software bot using very simple commands. That too without wasting too much time in learning theories.

ubot Studio is one of the easiest software that you can learn to create web automation bots. We all know that internet marketing is very time-consuming and to save time for other important work, we need to have some software’s. But if you go in the market and try to get a custom software build, the developer usually charge around 200 to 300 dollars. While the same software you yourself can build just after learning few commands and in this course you will be learning those commands and functions that are used while creating almost all kind of web automation bots.

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I am confident that after completing 5-6 hours of this course you will be in a position of creating your own software. So friends don’t hesitate just enroll in this course and I promise that I will be there for help all the time. Every student that join this course will get premium support on Udemy questions And answers.

1. Each Class will have Screenshot of Commands we used in that class along with Its Source Code.

2. Every Student Will Get Premium Quick Support Through Course F&Q and Help.

3. All Student Can post their questions and issue If Possible I will Add Class with a solution here.

4. If you don’t have ubot Studio You Still Can learn it. I will tell you how.

5. Just after completing Course 5-6 Hours You will be in a position of creating simple bots Easily.

6. “Exbrowser Plugin Classes Are included in this Course”

7. Last but not the Least I will be mentor for each one of my student.

Who this course is for:

  • This Course is for Beginners Who Wants to learn Ubot Studio Very Fast..
  • This Course Might Not be for Intermediators who already know how to build bots in Ubot.
  • Intermediators If wants to Get Help Can Join This Course I Will Help you Through skype Group.

Ubot Studio Expert and Mentor

I am Ubot bot developer Working as freelancer on fiverr with over 2000 Reviews and 4500 Sales.

I have been Creating Ubot Bot since 5 years and Now I want to Teach others Also. Learning Web Automation Tools. Courses In line. I will also Be creating Exbrowser, Browser automation studio courses Very soon.

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