Conflict Resolution For Beginners Free Download
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Conflict Resolution For Beginners, FreeTuts Download

Conflict Resolution For Beginners   Free Tutorial Download

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How often have you heard someone say that they hate conflict? Or, how often have you avoided conflict yourself? While it may seem good enough to just smooth out or gloss over conflicts, in the workplace, avoiding conflict can easily escalate into bigger and bigger problems. In this course, conflict resolution strategist Lynne Maureen Hurdle gets you started on solving conflict avoidance problems. She shows why facing disputes head-on is so important and helps you understand why you may have negative associations with conflict. Lynne also gives some concrete strategies to become a better listener and communicator, and how to accomplish that essential task of reaching a resolution. After this course, you’ll be prepared to keep conflict from derailing your projects or disrupting your team dynamics in the future.

Conflict Resolution For Beginners, FreeTuts Download

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