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Thoughts are a natural function of the mind. Our main problem is the attachment with them. We make a fundamental mistake, we identify ourselves through our thoughts. Meditation is the mean to return to our most original state. So, the mind is our ally. Carl Jung spoke about ego, about ourselves, about world consciousness. Meditation is the mean to deepen our observation of existence. The idea is to be in the present, in the now, as fully as possible without fear of the future. The true moment is the now.

“Meditation helps us to hear the voice of God in our hearts. To recognize and consciously incorporate our pure identity or Buddhist nature and to learn to recognize its presence on everyone and everything. Carlos De Leon

Meditation is the moment we hear the voice of God in our hearts. It is the conscious union with the world.

Some od the practices will be Vipassana, Mindfulness, Tratak, Deepest Observation of Mind and Body etc.

Every technique you will learn will be good to be practiced for one week before you are moving on to the next one.

The qualities that you will practice in this experiential workshop are:

1. Relaxation of the body

2. Cultivation of observation

3. Understanding the internal flow

4. Pulse and existence

5. Interconnection

6. Compassion

7. Recognition of the energy

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8. The center of existence

9. Understanding and handling space

10. Experience of subtle bodies

11. Recognition of the beauty

12. Expansion of consciousness beyond the body

13. Simultaneous observation

14. Purification of the karmic network

15. Purification of the fear

16. Connection with the grace

17. Entering and staying in our real nature

18. Our real nature in everyday life

Who this course is for:

  • Beneficial for anyone who has stress/anxiety
  • For you that you want to promote your emotional health
  • For you that you have decided to enhance self awareness
  • For anyone who wants to be more kind
  • For you that you have decided to sleep better

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