Control Systems Lab



What you’ll learn

  • Classify different tools in MATLAB along with the basic matrix operations used in MATLAB.

  • Evaluate the poles and zeros on s-plane along with transfer function of a given system.

  • Construct state space model of a linear continuous system.

  • Evaluate the various specifications of time domain response of a given system.

  • Appraise the steady state error of a given transfer function.

  • Examine the relative stability of a given transfer function using various methods such as root locus, Bode plot and Nyquist plot.


  • Basic Knoweledge of computer

MATLAB is one of the leading programming languages and is important for those who are associated with Engineering, Mathematics & Data Analysis field. In this course, we will be dealing with MATLAB Basics. In this course, you will learn about numerical & symbolic computing using MATLAB. The course focuses on teaching students about the various commands, functions, and features that MATLAB and Simulink have to offer. MATLAB and Simulink have a lot of capabilities and so this course will only focus on the main topics to get you comfortable creating your own scripts and Simulink models. This course contains many examples of different projects as well as step-by-step solutions to help you best understand what is going on.

The course is designed in such a way that is suitable for beginners and there is a lot to learn.

  • The user interface of Matlab: what are the different windows for?
  • How to perform arithmetic and relational operations
  • Assigning numerical values to variables
  • Creating and manipulating vectors/ arrays
  • Creating and manipulating matrices
  • Plotting 2D graphs to visualize your data
  • how to draw transfer function
  • how to plot step response
  • how to plot root locus
  • how to plot bode plot
  • how to plot Nyquist plot
  • how to find time response specifications of given transfer function
  • how to use Simulink
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Who this course is for:

  • Any one can learn

I am CLAD certified from NI. I have seven-year experience as LabVIEW Instructor. I have advance knowledge of LabVIEW. I worked on different NI Hardware like NI USB 6001, USB 6008, USB 6009, MY DAQ, MY RIO, NI ELVIS II+ Board, NI WSN, LabVIEW Arduino interfacing, etc. I have knowledge of MULTI SIM, MATLAB, and LaTEX software.

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