Learn Google Cloud Platform

Learn Google Cloud Platform 2

About This Class The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) class provides you with the tools to master the concepts you need to become a cloud computing architect. GCP is a large and complex set of products and services that can be overwhelming. I have structured the class in a simple, module-based learning system with basic concepts, … Read more

Front End Web Development Ultimate Course 2021

Front End Web Development Ultimate Course 2021 4

You’ll learn all the fundamentals of Front-End Web Development and how you can Use them to start creating websites!

Python Basics Setting Up Python

Setting up Python is the first step to becoming a Python programmer. In this course, you’ll learn how to download and install Python for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu Linux and how to open Python’s Integrated Development and Learning Environment, IDLE. There are many ways to install Python. You can download official Python distributions from Python.org, … Read more