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Download Tutorial Create a Blog with Mezzanine CMS – The Best Django CMS

Looking for a WordPress alternative? Enjoy programming in Python? Do you love Django but wish you could have the core features there already by default and with a friendlier interface?

Well Mezzanine might be exactly what you are looking for.

Mezzanine is a powerful Content Management System that is built using the Django framework, but differs in that instead of having to build out models/view/templates for basic features, Mezzanine provides many of them by default, including the ability to create pages and posts in the admin with a beautiful, user-friendly interface.

Mezzanine can also be added onto a Django project and can be extended with e-commerce functionality.

In this course, you will learn all about its features as we build out a clean, responsive blog with dynamic blog posts, custom hero images, a contact form, and much more using Mezzanine’s tools and templates.

Why this class?

Because aside from the docs, there are hardly any tutorials out there for using Mezzanine, and any that you do find are from 4-5 years ago. Therefore, I decided to create one comprehensive, thorough course on it myself.

Also, it’s common for clients to ask for blogs to be built, but are opposed to using WordPress for various reasons. Mezzanine offers the perfect alternative for them!


This is a course on Mezzanine, not on HTML or CSS, so it would be good to have an understanding of the two. This will be assumed in the course.

Also, since Mezzanine is built with Python and on the Django framework, the student should have a basic understanding of those as well, however because of the dozens of templates shipped with Mezzanine, these can be picked up rather quickly as we use those as “guides.”

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about Mezzanine
  • Anyone who is looking for a WordPress alternative for their blog
  • Anyone who finds Django overkill for creating blogs for their clients.
  • Anyone looking to add a new tool to their web development portfolio.

Whether you fit into these categories or not, Mezzanine is an excellent CMS and I am certain you will be as excited to use it as I am.

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Download Free Tutorial Create a Blog with Mezzanine CMS – The Best Django CMS

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