Create a Luxury Brochure in Adobe InDesign

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About This Class
In this class you’ll learn to create a stunning, luxury brochure; which you can proudly add to your portfolio. I’ll even show you how to present it in a photorealistic way.

This is EXACTLY the kind of piece that could help you attract higher end clients, boutiques, or luxury brands.


It’s also a great way to add range and depth to your portfolio.

You’ll learn a lot along the way, and this one strong example of print design will give you a starting point to attract a type of client I’ve found are an IDEAL fit for freelance designers; high end boutique businesses.

I’ve found these businesses often need small batch brochures, to showcase their services, prices, packages, products, and more. There is huge demand for the skills you’re going to learn in this class.

You can either follow along exactly what I do, step by step, to learn the skills you need…

OR you can create your own custom brochure by swapping out some of the elements I use to end up with something completely unique.

We’re going to see how you choose the overall style, fonts and colour palette.

We’re going to learn how to use the suite of tools built into InDesign to create a strong, balanced framework for your layouts.

I’ll also share my top tips for brochure design to ensure a high end, luxurious look and feel

Don’t worry if you’ve never used Adobe InDesign before; I’ll walk you through this step by step. If you’re familiar already; even better – you’ll be able to go faster!

So I’m ready for this; when you’re ready, let’s get started!



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