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Creating a professional, business email is important for your online business. Not only does it add a level of credibility to what you’re doing online, it makes it easier to work with brands for partnerships as well as instill trust in your customers if you’re managing an online store.

While you can get dedicated email hosting in order to get a professional email or perhaps even use the limited email functionality your web host provides, in this course I’ll show you how to use a free Gmail account for a business email.

In this course you will learn:

How to setup a business email in a hosting account.
Setup a redirect and an alias in Gmail.
Learn how to create a business email using only a domain name registrar (ideal if you don’t have a website or a shared hosting account)
Troubleshoot technical issues to get things working properly.
If you’ve been looking to learn how to create a business email using a webhost or an independent domain name registrar in combination with a free email client like Gmail, this course will walk you through step 1 to done on everything you need to know.

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