Create a Web Scraper in PHP


Create a Web Scraper in PHP Free Tutorial Download

Why should we use PHP for web scraping?

PHP is the most widely used server-side programming language. Scraping with PHP is quite convenient as the web scraping process has been enhanced using numerous extra tools and libraries. In this tutorial, we will explore some of those PHP libraries and tools. Also, if PHP is the only language you are comfortable with, you have to do it with PHP. It’s not wise to learn a new programming language just for scraping.

Using PHP for web scraping is also recommended when the application which will use the extracted data from web scraping, has also been written in PHP. It will be hard to use a PHP web scraper along with a web application written in some other language like Python. Therefore, in such scenarios, using PHP for web scraping will be more advantageous.

Ultimately, the most important advantage of using PHP for web scraping is its ability to automate the whole web scraping process using CRON-jobs. A Cron-job is a software utility which acts as a time-based job scheduler.

Create a Web Scraper in PHP, Free Tutorials Download


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