Create vector line art illustrations with Inkscape



What you’ll learn

  • Digitize your hand drawn artwork with Inkscape

  • Create different type of vector line art illustrations

  • Master the Bezier tool and the path editor like a real illustrator!

  • Creating and using organic custom brushes in Inkscape


  • Download and install Inkscape (free from the official website)

  • Have some drawings and sketches ready to digitize – or use the ones provided with the course

If you like to create  line art illustrations, or would like to learn how to digitize your drawings, this course is for you!

Inkscape offers a free and flexible vector graphics solution to every illustrator, but this course is all about creating line art.

During this course:

  • We start with understanding how  tracing bitmap works, and how to trace your freehand drawings automatically to get the best results.
  • Than we learn and understand  the Bezier tool and the path editor and create a geometric city illustration.
  • After this we practice these tools further  by vectorizing  a hand drawn sketch about a cute cartoon character.
  • Later, to achieve absolute  mastery with the Bezier tool, we turn a simple photo into a trendy one-line illustration!
  • And finally you will learn to design your own custom brushes and use them to create a free hand illustration in Inkscape!

If you want to digitize your line art, or draw vector illustrations from scratch, join  me today and learn these fundamental vector graphic tools!

Create your own vector line art with Inkscape now!

Attention: this course is aimed towards beginners, but instead of covering every tool in Inkscape, we rather focus on the ones we use to create line art vector illustrations!

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Who this course is for:

  • Any level of artist who like to draw by hand but are new to digital media
  • Crafters and DIYers who want to use your hand drawn art for crafting
  • Beginner illustrators looking to learn Inkscape in a fast and project oriented way
  • Tracing options in Inkscape – centerline tracing example


                  I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and design teacher for more than 10 years.  I create clever logos and cute illustrations, I like to inspire, share my knowledge and  make people think and laugh!
I use Inkscape, an open  source graphic design program in most of my design, and I was teaching this to my students too in a college in Budapest.
I am constantly sharing knowledge about design and life as a freelancer. I teach on Udemy since 2014 and work together with some of my friends now, to create better courses together by sharing my online teaching experience
Exploring new ways to create and sharing my knowledge is what I like the most – so don’t be afraid to ask, I’m here to teach!.

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