Creative Cocktail Photography Workshop Free Download
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Creative Cocktail Photography Workshop, FreeTuts Download

Creative Cocktail Photography Workshop Free Download

How to shoot a Creative Cocktail Photograph

In this Creative Cocktail Photography Behind-The-Scenes Tutorial, we’re going to break down the essential steps necessary to create a stunning composite cocktail image. You’ll go behind the scenes with Alex to mix the perfect ingredients for a creamy coffee beverage and get an understanding of the lighting setup necessary to capture the basic image. Pro Club members can watch the complete creative cocktail photography tutorial to get an in-depth understanding of the whole process – from the ingredient composition and photography workflow to the complete post-production and composite work by Artem Pissarevskiy to create the final image.

It’s all about getting the ingredients right!

When is cream not simply cream? When you need it to behave in a specific way to capture the shot you envisioned. In this case, Alex had a very specific final image in mind for the creative cocktail shoot: A gorgeous and moody image featuring a tall glass of coffee seductively blended with liquid creamer, capped off with some inviting whipped cream and delicious chocolate sprinkles. Sounds easy, right? Just brew some coffee, pour in some creamer, spray on some whip cream and dust with chocolate shavings, then snap the picture and enjoy your decadent beverage! Of course, if you’ve ever tried your hand at food photography, then you know it’s never that simple. Our goal is to create the most compelling and idealized image of this creative cocktail, and that required plenty of experimentation to get the ingredients and their interactions just right.

Creative Creamer

First, the mixture needs to look like actual creamer when photographed. Second, it needs to blend with the “iced” coffee in such a way that it looks great. And third, it needs to blend slowly enough that you can capture several exposures to use in post production. In other words, if it blends too quickly, you’ll end up with cafe au lait. If it blends too slowly, it may not travel deeply enough through the ice to make a compelling image. There are numerous ingredients you can experiment with. In the end, Alex settled on a blend of heavy whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, and Elmer’s Glue.


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