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With Grid and Flexbox, CSS is changing dramatically. Whereas in the past, creating complex layouts required all sorts of CSS hacks, JavaScript, or both, now you can use Flexbox and Grid—tools designed specifically for layouts—to create responsive web pages with precise, custom layouts. In this course, Emily Kay covers the basics of Flexbox and Grid separately, from syntaxes to properties to how they work in general. After that, she details instances where you may need to use both to accomplish your layout goals. As Emily shows, when you use Flexbox and Grid together to combine their separate strengths, you can create and display complex web content in a beautiful, user-friendly way.

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CSS Combining Grid and Flexbox, Free Tutorials Download

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  • Emily Kay Professor at SDCCD, Freelancer web developer and Author at LinkedIn

    Emily Kay is a web developer and graphic designer who teaches for the Community College District of San Diego.

    Emily has been working in the digital art arena since the early 1990s. She fell into graphic design and became hooked on pushing pixels. Her obsession with graphic design led her to web design and development. She has worked in the industry ever since and her current endeavors include assisting a variety of clients and companies in graphic-based and web-based solutions, as well as teaching for San Diego Community College District. One of her greatest joys is sharing her knowledge about graphic and web technologies with others. She spends a lot of time writing in code and creating powerful visuals.

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CSS Combining Grid and Flexbox, Free Tutorials Download

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