Cut It Out- Film Editing with Adobe Premiere


Cut It Out- Film Editing with Adobe Premiere

Editing is the art of storytelling through the ordering of events.  We create meaning by adding new footage, cutting some out, and rearranging the whole thing until we have a story that compels our audience.

In our digital world, we assemble footage into compelling stories with editing software.  So, in our Skillshare, we’re going to teach you basic and intermediate skills necessary to edit like a professional using our favorite program – Adobe Premiere Pro.  In addition to learning the basics, we’ll show you techniques to fine-tune the perfect videos and speed up your process (from inputting footage to outputting final formats).  You’ll learn new skills by making your own HOW TO video that combines your narration with footage demonstrating something that’s important to you.

Whether you’re showing your friends a fun talent, teaching how your new product works at a meeting, or making lessons on Skillshare – videos are an effective format to demonstrate “HOW TO” do something. However, unless we are ONE-TAKE-WONDERS, we often end up with lots of footage that needs to be edited together.  While learning editing techniques, our course will help you craft all that footage into something meaningful by teaching you how to shape a simple HOW TO video into an interesting story.

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Everyone has something meaningful to share. Consider our class an onramp for editing together what’s important with Adobe Premiere.

** There are 11 Lesson videos + 4 optional extras teaching further editing skills


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