Cyber Security Awareness 2020 Free Download
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Cyber Security Awareness 2020, FreeTuts Download

Cyber Security Awareness 2020   Free Tutorial Download

  • No Pre requisite but basic IT knowledge will be helpful.


We are in the Era of Digitization. Digitization provides wide open boundary connecting the globe where any time access is feasible by any means from any device. Doing business is not a challenge now across the globe, timezone challenge is also not critical anymore. Information Search, Training, Learning – Development, Product ordering is now available via single click. Year by Year huge number of devices are connecting to the digital environment. At the same time more and more devices are getting exposed to the internet – Cyber Security risks are enhancing and this is huge opportunity to hackers to gain from it. It is all about learning the basic cyber security guideline and follow the best practices so that probability of hacking can be minimized. In this short training course you will learn basics of cyber security and golden rule that everyone should follow from individual level and organization level to ensure data security, Privacy while being connected in the Digital Environment and enjoy the benefit of Digitization such as IoT, Analytics, Automation, Artificial Intelligence etc.

Good Luck, have fun and great Learning ahead.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who is connected to Internet / Digital world
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