Data Center Essentials – Mechanical & Cooling



What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to data center cooling and mechanical systems

  • Redundancy concepts for mechanical and cooling systems

  • Understanding of mechanical & plumbing systems and controls

  • How differing priorities, locations, and more change the cooling design


  • Basic understanding of data centers, layouts, and common terms.

In the next section of the Data Center Essentials courses, we cover the mechanical cooling systems that support data centers and prevent them from overheating.  As the data center power and density has increased every year, the need to remove the heat generated has become a more important factor for the design and operation of the facility.

Because the cooling systems are a major consideration when aiming for efficiency, we will cover many of the diverse solutions that have been successfully implemented to save energy and water.  We will start with the common terminology, standards, guides and operating conditions for data centers before moving on to more complex components, operations, and controls.  And whether you are walking through a data center every day or only once in a while it is important to understand how the cooling and mechanical systems are operating to keep the internet up and running.

During these five lectures we will cover:

  • Concepts, definitions, operating conditions – the typical mechanical terms, cooling operations, and redundancy levels
  • Air cooling solutions – air cooling and operating parameters for typical and atypical data centers
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics – what it is, how these tools are used, and what to look for when analyzing a data center flow model
  • Water cooling solutions – water cooling components, circulation, and typical arrangements for modularity and redundancy
  • Water system operations – operating the data center cooling systems efficiently and effectively, including water cooled servers and immersion cooling
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Who this course is for:

  • Architects
  • Engineering design professionals
  • Facilities operations
  • Contractors
  • Technicians
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Data Center Computational Fluid Dynamics


  • Data Center Water Cooling


  • Data Center Water Systems Operation


Mr. Peterson is a registered professional engineer specializing in mission critical and data center design and efficiency.  He is also a speaker and technical author on energy and sustainability techniques for data centers.  Mr. Peterson’s continued involvement with the many industry leaders has helped to cross boundaries between IT, facilities, sustainability, and reliability.

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