Data Programming with F Free Download
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Data Programming with F, FreeTuts Download

Data Programming with F, FreeTuts Download

Data Programming with F – Learn to program data with F Sharp

Today, developers are tasked with building applications in less time, while maintaining high standards of quality, reliability, security, and performance.
This video course presents practical techniques for handling real-world data programming challenges. We’ll first see how to build efficient, extensible engines to parse and process documents and data streams. Then we’ll study how to process large sets of data with maximal performance and efficiency using asynchronous workflows, agents, and .NET reactive extensions. Next, we’ll learn to use type providers, a unique F# feature that lets us program with data as if it were code.

By the end of the course, you will be capable of writing solutions with less code, fewer bugs, and better alignment with business requirements.

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Data Programming with F, FreeTuts Download

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Manufacturer: Pocket Publishing / Packt Publishing
Language of instruction: English
Teacher: Richard Broida
Level of training :, Secondary
Training Time: 2 hours + 30 minutes
File Size: 538 MB

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