Data science for the novice Free Download
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Data science for the novice, FreeTuts Download

Data science for the novice  Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Data Science step by step approach


  • basics of linux , hadoop, hive, etl, data, databases, programming, mathematics, analysis


Learn data science from ground up in easy and simple explanation. As this career in data science comprise different skills, this course makes it easy to understand what all we need to gain knowledge to progress in this career. This is not about machine learning which is a small part of data science itself. Gaining knowledge on data will solve a lot of issues an organization faced with when thinking about implementing a data science solution. One can learn two different aspects, one is data and the other is analytics. So learn different ways of data acquisition, cleanup, processing, integrating and creating simple summary reports in this course. Once you know and have data, simply pass this data as input to any of your ML models for best results, but we need data as the raw material for data science and Machine Learning.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn data science

Data science for the novice, FreeTuts Download

Download  Data science for the novice  Free

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