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In this course, I am going to talk about day trading in a short time frame and I am also going to compare it with swing trading in a longer time frame. All this with the intention that you can compare them and understand the key details of trading on these time frames.

Trading the market has a story. There are two emotions at play when trading the markets; “FEAR and GREED”. Fear and greed are emotions that powerfully influence a trader’s mind. But especially fear is a feeling that becomes an impenetrable barrier for many people who have been bitten by the markets. They do not understand that it is impossible not to be bitten in the world of trading, what you have to do is be vaccinated against those bites. Once this is understood, an infinite window of opportunity opens in the financial markets. I this course I will help you to understand and control this fact.

There are differences between Day Trading and Swing Trading, which are very important to know and can make the difference between living or dying as a trader. Day trading means competing in a world of nanoseconds with supercomputers located near the exchange houses which for a human being is very difficult. High-frequency trading nowadays generates an amount of noise in intraday data that is complex to handle and only very astute traders can compete at this level. Swing trading is a better option and perhaps it is the most appropriate definitive solution for many, but still, there are some who prefer the intraday super speed. Anyway, in this course, I present a solution that could help you solve the problems and dilemmas of trading at both time frames.

First of all, here are five (5) key questions for you:

1.-What is motivating you to get on this course?

2.-What do you want to accomplish with this course?

3.-Where are you today with your trading and where do you want to be?

4.-What is your biggest problem right now with your trading?

5.-What happens if the following information answers all your questions regarding your concerns today?

Now, please read this:

Before you even think about buying this course, I need you to deem deeply about what I am going to explain next.

  1. Long-term investing as Mr. Warren Buffet does is a whole different story than what I teach in this course. This course is not about value-based investing or fundamental analysis.
  2. I suggest to get an education first and then start with swing trading the markets which have better odds than day trading. Once you have mastered swing trading and if you are still interested in quick daily profits, you can try day trading to test those waters with the knowledge you have acquired swing trading. This is the best advice I can give you from the bottom of my soul if you have a passion for trading in the financial markets.
  3. One of my goals is to help people survive the learning curve. I suggest you practice with paper money first (demo account), once you have tested your method and it is proven to have a positive expectancy then you can play with real money in a live account.
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Now, if you have been trading and constantly have these thoughts inside your mind like …

I am losing money trading

I make many bad trades

I take profits too soon

I do not know how to maximize my winning trades.

I let my losers too much time running

I am afraid to pull the trigger

I lose a lot of money in each losing trade

I do not know where to put my stop loss

I enter the market and immediately it goes against my position

The market hit my stop loss all the time

I do not understand price action

I do not know what time frame to use

I do not know how to detect a valid trend

I do not have a winner trading strategy

My technical indicators do not work

… then please continue reading.

This course is about how to trade (any time frame). When we talk about trading, (“no long-term investment”), we are assuming that we are going to buy or sell a financial instrument which we will have in our possession for a short-term (minutes or hours) or medium-term (days or weeks) and then we will close that position depending on the current market condition which favors us or not.

In this course you will learn:

  1. How to acquire the mindset to achieve higher levels of mastery trading futures or any other financial instrument.
  2. How to improve your Risk and Money Management Plan.
  3. How to upgrade your trading methodology to read correctly price action for identifying the strongest trend in place.
  4. How to apply the right skills and tools to increase the probabilities of making winning trades while reducing risk.
  5. How to integrate risk control, money management and price action to have a successful trading business.


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