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Are you looking for an alternative to your database platform’s native tools? DBeaver is the universal database client that allows you to work with a wide variety of data platforms from a single interface. In this course, database expert Adam Wilbert shows you how to leverage this powerful tool. Adam gives you a tour of the interface and explains how to create your own database connections and add a PostgreSQL connection. He steps through how to use projects to organize your workspace, as well as the views, filters, and panels you might use when working with tabular data. After exploring how to create and modify database objects and structures, Adam covers how to configure, save, and print an entity relationship (ER) diagram. He offers useful tips on writing commands with the SQL Editor, then concludes with a discussion of some additional features that you might use in the Enterprise Edition.

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  • Adam Wilbert LinkedIn Learning Instructor and Lynda.com Author

    Adam Wilbert is a data visualization expert who helps clients get better insights from their data.

    As a consultant and trainer, Adam has spent over 5 years helping government, enterprise, and nonprofit clients use Access and Excel efficiently. Adam has developed Access databases for National Park Service managers and U.S. Geological Survey scientists, in addition to leading Access and Excel workshops throughout the United States through a partnership with Northwest Environmental Training Center. His in-depth multi-day training events benefit private firms such as Boeing and Verizon, NGOs, and government employees in agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Land Management, and the Army Corps of Engineers.

    As the founder of CartoGaia, a cartography firm, Adam produces publication quality mapping products to explore awareness in the spatial arrangement of data in order to help guide policy and decision makers in a wide variety of environmental and business applications. He was chosen as a featured contributor to the inaugural edition of the North American Cartographic Information Society’s Atlas of Design. You can connect with Adam on Twitter @awilbert or at adamwilbert.com.

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