DesignCode – Flutter for Designers Part 2


DesignCode – Flutter for Designers Part 2   Free Tutorial Download

About this Course

Continuing on from the previous Flutter for Designers course, this course has a heavier emphasis on using Firebase API’s to combine Firebase and Flutter. There will be a lesser emphasis on creating front-end Flutter UI and more emphasis on how to build functional applications capable of being shipped to the App Store. A review of the previous course and the Dart programming language will be very helpful. That being said, you will also be introduced to some new Flutter widgets and packages.

Build a cross platform app for iOS and Android

Flutter is a relatively new toolkit that makes it easy to build cross-platform apps that look gorgeous and is easy to use. By utilizing a platform’s native components we’ll build an app that can run on both iOS and Android that will look and feel like it was developed natively. Furthermore we’ll see how with one single codebase, Flutter provides us with native performance, hot reload for fast development, and access to beautiful, native components.

DesignCode – Flutter for Designers Part 2, FreeTuts Download

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