Developing your First Canvas

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Developing your First Canvas – Learn to develop your first Canvas with Unity

The video will take you through the process of learning how to build a simple 3D game UI with a simple game logic. In this way, we can focus on developing and mastering the Unity UI system while allowing you to adapt and use the techniques to develop your own games. We will use a combination of each of the canvas types (Overlay / Camera / World) to better demonstrate their usage in the context of building a game.

This course takes you step-by-step in a tutorial-based approach, diving deep into the entire Unity UI system. It will walk you through core components that will enable you to build exciting games using Unity. We will be taking a practical approach by including ample examples of building practical User Interfaces, exploring the inner workings of the unity UI ecosystem. With these examples, you will understand how to use different UI components to trigger game events and respond to user input.

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Producer: Packt Publishing
Language of instruction: English
Teacher: Keith O’Malley
Level of training: Preliminary
time of training: 2 hours + 17 minutes
File size: 644 MB

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