DOM 2021 Build Dynamic Websites with JavaScript Part 1


What this course covers?

This course is Course 1 of 2

This course is the first course of a 2-part program. The reason I have done this is that Course 1 provides everything you need to start coding dynamic sites by yourself. It gives you the sound fundamentals and practicals regarding the DOM. It can be taken alone (you don’t have to do Course 2) to achieve your goals. You will emerge from Course 1 with a basic understanding and practical experience. It will take you to the point where you will understand what the DOM is, why we need it, how to access it, where to find it and how to manipulate it. This is awesome knowledge. Course 2 provides a whole different world of fun with amazing practical examples that will captivate you and catapult you to the next level and set you well on your way to becoming a true Grandmaster in front-end web development.

In this course you’ll learn about front-end Web Development, by mastering the Document Object Model.

Why do you need to know about the DOM?

So, you know some HTML, you’ve created your first tags, learned about CSS, made awesome forms, star-gazing buttons, responsive pages and have started to create dynamic and interesting pages.

But now you want to do more: “How can I add animation (and life) to my page? I wish I could give an error message to a user who incorrectly submits a form!”

And this is where the DOM comes into the picture. and where this course(s) provide you with an opportunity to grow in your skills.

To cut a long story short, we use the DOM to allow users to interact with our app. It doesn’t have to be annoying interaction either – simple things like giving the user the ability to ADD/EDIT/DELETE/UPDATE contents on your page, for example, requires interaction with the DOM.

The first step in understanding the DOM is understanding what it is. How does it differ from your HTML markup? How does it differ from JavaScript? From there, you’ll start exploring and experimenting with tools to access the DOM. You’ll learn simple, yet very powerful strategies to access and traverse the DOM. We don’t stop here, but then get into more advanced things like manipulating the DOM (via the create and remove methods given to us by the DOM API).

Knowledge of the DOM is incredibly useful for understanding how your webpage can be improved.

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By the end of this course, you’ll be able to “speak” DOM by gaining an understanding of where you can find it, how you can access it, and more importantly, how you can manipulate it. We dig deeper in every lecture, learning about things like Nodes, the difference between HTTPCollections vs NodeLists, and a whole bunch more! This course has many bonus lectures which extend your knowledge base and test your skills.

Through practical examples, this course helps you understand the DOM piece by piece. And we use the latest and best features of JavaScript and browsers (like the new remove API) along the way so you can stay ahead of the pack.

How is this course different?

There are lots of great courses that focus on web development. Pity they never get into the detail about how the Document Object Model works behind the scenes – a skill that every full-stack developer needs to master.

In this course, I focus on true web development in the front end. This includes understanding what nodes are, looking at the Document node (this is different from the document object by the way), understanding the DOM tree structure, what the different types of nodes there are, and how you can use the DOM to access elements on your page and manipulate them.

Practice makes perfect

Theory is theory … but there’s nothing like getting behind your computer and typing in code. That’s why we will be coding, laughing and pulling out our hair together as we code real life websites and exercises during this course.

I love practical examples, which is why we build simple pages and analyze the DOM together.


Right this second, your competitors are learning how to become better web developers.

Web development is a blazing hot topic at the moment. But you have a distinct advantage. This course offers memorable learning topics, actionable tactics and real-world examples.

Lets get started!

What do you get?

  • Lifetime access to all tutorial videos. No fees or monthly subscriptions.
  • Q&A support.
  • Quizzes and challenges to help you learn.
  • I’ve allowed you to download all of my lectures for offline viewing.
  • Let’s get excited about becoming a professional web developer, and to be able to confidently apply it to your own websites.

See you in the lectures.

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