Doors access control systems Free Download
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Doors access control systems, FreeTuts Download

 Doors access control systems   Free Tutorial Download


  • This course needs a basic engineering concepts only


Understanding and planning for doors access control systems

This course is essential entrance to understand access control system

In this course the student will learn what is the Doors access control and why doors access control is needed, and what are the different types applications of access control systems in buildings. 

The student will get hands on how to plan for access control, prepare tender design and shop-drawings

Also the student learn how to read and prepare single line diagram, and the relation between access control and the other systems in buildings

Finally shop drawings and single line diagram and integration with other low current and power systems

This course for all who is interested in access control generally and doors access control specially

This course not requires any special studies and suitable for all levels.

Course topics:

1- Introduction to access control systems

2- Access control lockers types

3- Controllers in access control

4- Fail-safe and Fail-secure

5- Access control block diagram

6- 125Kz vs Mifare cards types

7- why access control

8- Access control applications

9- Different types of access control

10- Planning for access control

11- Tender design and single line diagram

12- Single line diagram shop drawing

13- Access control devices data sheets

14- Access control branched servers

15- Access control servers in site (real installation)

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Who is this course for?

  • All who are curious about doors access control systems.

Doors access control systems, FreeTuts Download

Download  Doors access control systems  Free

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