Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development

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Build a Social App With React Native

Download Tutorial Build a Social App With React Native React Native, created by Facebook, lets you write native mobile apps in modern JavaScript. React Native apps will be transformed into native views specific to your supported platforms. This…

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Build a REST API with Laravel

Download Tutorial Build a REST API with Laravel REST APIs are useful for all kinds of apps. They can be the back-end to a front-end web app, they can store data for a mobile app, or…

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Authentication with Laravel

Download Tutorial Authentication with Laravel Authentication is extremely important, and as a result, authentication is extremely difficult to get right. But Laravel’s built-in authentication system makes it easier to protect the portions of your web application…

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Up and Running With AMP

Up and Running With AMP – Getting started with EMP The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is a plug-and-play package of website optimization techniques created by Google to help speed up the web. In this course,…

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