Drawing Basics by Cleo Papanikolas Free Download
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Drawing Basics by Cleo Papanikolas, FreeTuts Download

Drawing Basics by Cleo Papanikolas  Free Tutorial Download

Put Pencil To Paper And Start Drawing

Do you want to learn how to draw but don’t know where to start? In this class, professional painter & illustrator Cleo Papanikolas shares fun, beginner-friendly drawing techniques that can turn anyone into an artist. This class will help you overcome your fear of the blank page and focus on putting pencil to paper so you can draw the way you always wished you could.

In this class, Cleo will cover the fundamentals in drawing including:
  • Using different pencils for line quality
  • Applying different shading methods
  • Practice measurement and proportions in your work

Cleo will help you embrace imperfections in your work with step-by-step exercises that apply key drawing techniques.

Join Cleo and get started drawing today!

Drawing Basics by Cleo Papanikolas, FreeTuts Download


Download  Drawing Basics by Cleo Papanikolas  Free

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