Drawing in Perspective Free Download
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Drawing in Perspective   Free Tutorial Download

In this class, you’ll learn how to draw in perspective so you can depict any 3D object from a wide variety of angles.

Drawing in Perspective, FreeTuts Download

In the class we’ll cover one, two, and three-point perspective so you’ll be able to incorporate objects at any angle into your illustrations.  I’ll be demonstrating these techniques on my iPad in Procreate, but you could use these principals for drawing on paper, canvas, or any digital drawing program.

Drawing in Perspective, FreeTuts Download

First we’ll look at the basic principals of perspective and go over the workbook I created where I outline every step of the perspective drawing process.  The workbook is a free download that you get when you watch the class and you can refer back to it anytime you have trouble figuring out how to integrate perspective into one of your drawings.

Drawing in Perspective, FreeTuts Download

Next we’ll use one-point perspective to draw a shelf with a variety of objects on it.  We’ll cover how to put any shape in perspective including cylinders and odd shapes, so you’ll be able to draw any object into your composition.

Drawing in Perspective, FreeTuts Download

Next we’ll use two-point perspective to draw an interior space like a living room or kitchen.  We’ll look at how to space things like wood floor planks and window panes evenly, and we’ll cover how to add some textile objects to your illustrations so your perspective drawings don’t end up too stiff and rigid.

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Drawing in Perspective, FreeTuts Download

Drawing in perspective is one of those must-have drawing skills that artists and illustrators need to have to be able to accurately depict objects at various angles.  Once you learn this process you’ll see how you can use perspective to put the viewer in an interesting position in front of the canvas, so you aren’t just depicting flat objects shown at eye-level.

Drawing in Perspective, FreeTuts Download

If you’re afraid that drawing in perspective is difficult or that there are too many rules to learn, I want to show how simple the process actually is by both showing you the rules and then walking through the process step-by-step through creating some great artwork that you can share online or in print.  Let’s get started!

You can get the class downloads and resources here:https://www.lizkohlerbrown.com/drawing-in-perspective-class-downloads-and-resources/ (the password is shown at the beginning of the class)

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