Drawing Prompts- 5 Fun Summer-Themed Drawing Ideas

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Drawing Prompts- 5 Fun Summer-Themed Drawing Ideas

Do you ever get stuck on what to draw next? Maybe you have the tendency to draw the same thing over and over again; do you want to challenge yourself to draw something new?

In this class I will introduce several fun summer themed drawing prompts for you to express yourself creatively and try drawing new things. Each prompt is unified by the shared summer topics, but each prompt will be personal to you.

While there five main drawing prompts that each get there own video, I’ve also included a bonus video that briefly goes over another 9 drawing prompts – for those of you who want even more summer themed drawing inspiration.

Even if you’re discovering this class outside of the summer months, this can be a great way to get into a summery state of mind!


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Drawing Prompts- 5 Fun Summer-Themed Drawing Ideas

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