Easy Analysis With Tableau


Easy Analysis With Tableau: Learn And Build COVID-19 Dashboard.


  • There is no prerequisites for this course. Anyone can learn this course. This course is designed in a way that you just only require basic computer knowledge and an internet connection.

This course will be teaching you to make the complete end-to end dashboard using tableau.

You will learn:

  • to import various data sources,
  • make various charts,
  • create dashboards,
  • usage of filters,
  • various data types used in Tableau.

This course is centered and made in such a way that you can make a dashboard on your own with any data set. To look up for various data sets you can go on Kaggle as it’s known as the best platform for finding data sets. But there are other websites also which can provide you data sets as some data sets can only be available to their particular website.

You will learning:

  • to create calculated fields,
  • sorting the views into ascending or descending order as per the requirement.
  • you will learn to apply the filters to either the whole worksheet which is using the same data source or you can apply the filters to some selected or desired worksheets

So with this feature, the change in one view/chart will reflect in the other view. After making/designing the dashboard you will learn how to publish the dashboard on your Tableau Public profile. So this course is focused on all these points and is designed for everyone who even don’t have any backgroung knowledge of Tableau and willing to start as a beginner.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is willing to learn doing data analysis and who looking to learn Tableau, this course is designed for you all. And if someone is looking to learn business intelligence tools then this this course is exactly made for them.

Currently I am working as an E-learning Developer. I am also doing data analysis as a part of my passion. And soon in near future I would like to transition into the data analytics industry or in business intelligence industry as I am very much fond of doing data analysis.

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