Efficient Regular Expressions with applications in Splunk


Efficient Regular Expressions with applications in Splunk   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Create efficient and accurate regex from beginner to advanced
  • Identify patterns in machine data
  • Create schema-on-the-fly in Splunk


  • Pattern recognition

In this course, you will learn to apply regular expressions to search, filter, extract and mask data efficiently and effectively in Splunk following a workshop format on real data.

Regular expressions enable (with good crafting) very efficient and effective parsing of text for patterns.  The most important skills for regex lie in pattern recognition, regex technique mastery, and simplicity for “step” minimization.  The simpler regex with solid leading anchors tends to be the more efficient.  Increased regex understanding enables access to more effective techniques for keeping it simple.  Pattern recognition connects regex code to solve the problem.

We will rely on the regex101 website to assist in crafting, verifying and explaining the process.  Splunk will be used to showcase practical applications with big data.  A test after the main course section will test some of the more basic levels of understanding

Who this course is for:
  • Developers
  • Big Data
  • Database Engineers
  • Splunkers
  • Linux admins
  • Dev Ops


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