Electrical Control & Protection Systems part 2 Free Download
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Electrical Control & Protection Systems part 2, FreeTuts Download

Electrical Control & Protection Systems part 2   Free Tutorial Download

The aim of this course is to introduce all of the basic principles associated with these complex systems.

The course will go into detail for the following key topics :-

  • Show how a substation DC systems operated and how the battery is sized
  • Look at the key elements of a circuit breaker protection scheme
  • Introduce the principles behind circuit breaker failure protection and show what action needs to be taken.
  • See how circuit breakers can be re-closed after a fault and outline the systems involved
  • Introduce the principles behind synchronising, show what parameters need to be checked and how the systems operate.
  • Go into detail on the main features of transformers, including vector groups, tapchangers, cooling systems, controls / alarms & protection systems
  • Introduce the basic principles and systems associated with SCADA systems

By the end of the course the student will be able to identify all of  the key components of a protection & control system shown above and understand  how all of these components fit together to create a fully integrated  system.

Who this course is for:

  • Electrical Engineering Undergraduates
  • Electrical Engineering Graduates
  • Electrical Utility Engineers
  • Anyone interested in electrical engineering


Download Electrical Control & Protection Systems part 2   Free

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