Electrical Substation Earthing – Grounding Complete Guide


Electrical Substation Earthing – Grounding Complete Guide   Free Tutorial Download

Hi Students,

I have developed this course to provide in depth understanding for Earthing / Grounding of Electrical equipment.

You will not find any online training about this topic like this one with examples.

First time you will find a comprehensive online course that covers all aspect of substation earthing system.

I have included theory and practical design of 380kV Substation as example.

Following topics are covered in this training.

  1. Introduction about Course
  2. Defining Earthing , Grounding
  3. Defining Purpose of Earthing
  4. Earthing of HV equipment
  5. What is Bonding,  What is difference between earthing and bonding
  6. What is Arcing Ground
  7. What is step & touch potential
  8. What is Voltage Gradient
  9. Transfer Voltages
  10. Major components of earthing system
  11. Permissible limits of Step & Touch Potential as per IEEE standard
  12. What is soil Resistivity, Measurement & Calculation of Earth Resistivity & Resistance,
  13. Calculations Formulae of Step & Touch Potential
  14. What is Surface Resistance & How surface factor is calculated
  15. Why Gravel is layed in substation and why it is so important
  16. Topics of Grounding & Corrosion
  17. Applicable standards and codes
  18. Going Through Actual Design of Substation

So please enroll today to increase you knowledge.

I am always open to question online.

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Who this course is for:

  • All Levels


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