Electronics – Opamp Circuit Design (with Multisim) Free Download
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Electronics – Opamp Circuit Design (with Multisim), FreeTuts Download

 Electronics – Opamp Circuit Design (with Multisim)   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • perform analysis of circuits more effectively
  • understand working of circuits through practical steps


  • Desktop
  • Multisim 11.0 software
  • Basic understanding of electronics is required for taking up this course


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This course is designed with an aim to teach National Instument’s software multisim which is widely used all over electronics industry to analyse and study the performance of circuits. While doing this course student will gain knowledge about circuit designing,simulation and performing analysis on the circuits . This course will help electronics and electrical engineering graduates in understanding electronics more closely. Knowledge of multisim will give you an edge over others in the electronics industry .

Course structure is as follows:

1 .Understanding multisim platform .

2 .circuit designing and simulation .

3 .verification of circuits operations using multisim .

Several examples like working of half wave rectifier,full wave rectifier,voltage regulator,half adder and full adder,low pass filter,high pass filter,band pass filter ,Gates and many more has been discussed and their performance has been studied and their theoritical results has been verified with the multisim simulated results .

By the end of this course ,you will be comfortable in using multisim for all the academic and professional purposes

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Who this course is for:

  • High school students
  • Electronics and electrical engineering graduates
  • Professionals working in electronics industry


Download  Electronics – Opamp Circuit Design (with Multisim)  Free

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