Elevating Team Excellence through OKRs Free Download
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Elevating Team Excellence through OKRs, FreeTuts Download

Elevating Team Excellence through OKRs  Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Develop powerful team OKRs to drive company strategy
  • Create an OKR-based Annual Work Plan & Budget
  • Recognise great, good and mediocre OKRs
  • Transform an OKRs from mediocre to good and great
  • Minimise OKR failure by using the OKR Activation Canvas
  • Use OKRs to crush the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team


  • You are obsessed with excellence
  • You manage at least 3 direct reports
  • You understand the foundations of business (strategy, team work, leadership etc)


Are you a leader (VP, director, CEO, founder), who believes that

  • the purpose of every organisation (or team) is to create VALUE … for a customer?
  • your #1 responsibility is to get the results that create that value while keeping your team engaged?

In this course, you will learn the skills and practices used by managers of elite teams at Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix and more than 50% of the Fortune500 companies to create consistently high performing teams.

Here are the unique things you’ll learn from this course:

  • The most concise, systematic introduction to the topic of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).
  • How OKRs fit into your role as a leader, its place in driving change, how it relates to other management practices.
  • Foundations of metrology – the science of measuring things — for managers
  • An OKR Clinic section, where you will learn how to evaluate an OKR with almost surgical precision
  • How to improve any OKR from ugly to great.
  • Step by step guide (including exact prompts to use) to creating excellent OKRs by brainstorming.
  • A unique OKR-creation technique that’s based on a model of your team (you won’t find this anywhere else)
  • The OKRs that you create will be complete, get 100% buy-in from your team and with which your boss cannot argue.
  • How to go beyond 80% of managers by doing something most don’t do — activate OKRs.
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Who this course is for:

  • Manager/Director/VP of at least 3 directs
  • OKR coaches or champions

Elevating Team Excellence through OKRs, FreeTuts Download

Download  Elevating Team Excellence through OKRs  Free

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