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To learn or not to learn?

‘Well, they haven’t learned to use it.’ This quote is from one of our clients. We started out our first meeting like that.

We wondered: “How could we make them learn to use that new software beside their usual everyday tasks? Because if they used it, it would make those tasks a lot easier.”

The client said: “We made a 20-page user manual with pictures. However, they didn’t learn it.”

Do you know why? Lack of time? Lack of motivation? Boring and long learning material? Thought to be unnecessary? Well, you could say any of the above and you would still be right.

There is nothing wrong with the employees. We have all experienced the thirst for knowledge at some point in our lives, when we had to solve a brand new problem at work or in our personal lives. If we learn, we improve. The more we improve, the more self-confident we become. We handle change and our relationships more easily and makes the world more interesting. Overall, learning makes us feel better. However, it is equally important, whether we feel like working or having fun along our journey.

Our philosophy at mProve is this:

“Learning should feel awesome!”

Nutrients are crucial for a healthy life. However, getting those nutrients by eating the same meal everyday or having a diverse diet does not give you the same experience. The same metaphor could be applied to reading a 20-page PDF document or watching a 5 minute video. You are getting the same information, but getting it in a form of a 5 minute video is way more fun.

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Our experts are constantly working on improving your learning experience, in order for you to have the most fun, while learning crucial information for your improvement.

Our goal is to: provide useful information in a short, dense and easy to understand format combining it with an interesting enjoyable and spectacular coating.

Our courses will give you: information on how to launch a successful business, how to be a competent digital leader, how you can increase your employees’ productivity and much much more. This knowledge will be crucial for your sustainable improvement and guaranteed success.

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