Entrepreneurship – Raising Startup Capital Free Download
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Entrepreneurship – Raising Startup Capital   Free Tutorial Download

Entrepreneurs need capital to achieve their business goals and meet significant milestones, whether they’re launching a new product, acquiring key customers, or reaching a revenue goal. In this course, author and entrepreneur Rudolph Rosenberg provides an overview of the main avenues to raising capital (such as crowdfunding, angel investors, venture capital, and more), identifies the key stakeholders, and shows the best ways to market your project and ask for funding.

Topics include:

  • List three variables that will affect the source of capital you choose to fund your company.
  • Identify the best strategy most entrepreneurs can use for finding capital and investors for their company.
  • Name two elements an entrepreneur must consider when determining the amount of capital their business will need.
  • Cite two details that should be included in a business plan to help investors become familiar with what they will be funding and the term of their investment.
  • Explain what the JOBS Act did to facilitate crowdfunding for entrepreneurs.
  • Summarize the typical characteristics of an angel investor


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