Ethereum Smart Contract Development- Solidity Basics


Welcome to the Ethereum Blockchain Development course! In this course we will learn Blockchain Development on Ethereum, covering Solidity Programming Language + Smart Contracts + Decentralized Applications (dApps) from scratch.

Why Ethereum?

  • Ethereum is the 2nd largest Cryptocurrency (right after Bitcoin).
  • Pioneer of Smart Contracts and the Top Smart Contracts and dApps platform in Blockchain space.
  • Containing a huge ecosystem of “DeFi” and “NFT” Applications.
  • Great developer community, resources and tools.
  • Many of the great Blockchain projects are based on Ethereum blockchain, like “Uniswap“, “ChainLink“, “VeChain“, “Theta” etc..

Some topics that we will cover,

  • Creating Ethereum Account, Setting up & Overview of Metamask Wallet, Getting Test EtherETH Faucet.
  • Overview of Remix IDE and how to use it to Code -> Test -> Deploy smart contracts.
  • Learning of Solidity programming language. Syntax, working, usage for smart contracts development.
  • Smart Contracts Development – From the very basic to advanced level, Setting development environment, Deploying and testing Smart Contracts on Local Ethereum Blockchain (Ganache) as well as on Ethereum Public Testnet.
  • How to Connect Web Apps to Smart Contracts and turn them into dApps!
  • Reading Data from Blockchain/Smart Contracts in Web Applications using Web3.
  • Writing Data / Signing Transactions from dApps to Blockchain.
  • Decentralized Applications (dApps) Development – Step by step on how to develop dApps for Ethereum Smart Contracts using Metamask, Web3js etc.

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