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In this class my goal is to help users avoid standard stumbling blocks and revealing ways to maximize the power of excel. My main goal in this training is to increase your awareness of the best tools in excel to help you solve complex problems.

We’ll cover more than 100 tools and techniques, grouped into nine categories: Interface, Workbooks, Worksheets, Formatting, Productivity, Formulas, Tables & Pivot Tables, Visualization, and Analysis Hacks.

First I will teach you how to customize your excel interface fully. We’ll then dive into powerful tools for workbooks and worksheets, like document themes, protecting them, custom views, etc.

Once we’ve mastered the basics, I’ll walk you through the best formatting methods with real-world examples, like alternate row shading, get rid of duplicate records, solve the problem with leading zero, and much more. Then we will learn top time-saving productivity tips like the paste special feature, the flash fill, autocorrect, data entry forms, and more! Also, I’ll walk you through the best formula hacks to supercharge excel. You will learn how to use pivot tables easily, visualizing tips to become more effective, and analysis hacks for quick and dynamic analysis.

The class is entirely project based and it’s full of examples which are fully explained and easy to understand. It has been recorder with the brand new Excel 2019 in full HD 1080p.

By the end of this Class, you’ll accomplish and master all your spreadsheet tasks at least half the time you do now.

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So let’s get started!

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